An electric cooktop is one of the best kind of cooktops because of its ability to be operated easily and maintained. Other kinds of cooktops include induction cooktop and gas cooktop. This post will be restricted to everything about electric cooktop but other types of cooktops will come in the subsequent post.

The electric cooktop is a device combined with an electrical heating element used to cook or bake. The heating element in the cooktop is electric burners which are in coil style. The burners are spiral-shaped electrical wire embedded in metal and heat up when the control is turned on which triggers electricity to flow into the wire. When electricity starts flowing into the wire, its intensity can be seen from the glow of the burner.

This cooktop comes in two version: the smooth top type and the coil version. The coil type is the ones without cover for the coil and the coil can be seen while the smooth top type does not expose its electric coil. The coil is placed underneath a heat tempered glass and heat is radiated from the coil to the glass. Though sometimes this makes the device cooking surface slow to heat up, when it eventually does it becomes very hot and cooks your food fast.

The electric cooktop has an advantage over other cooktops because they function on electricity, hence they are environmentally friendly. The burners are flat therefore the heat from the burner comes in contact with the bottom of the pan directly so it does not radiate its energy into the air but directly to the pan. Not forgetting they are very easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. It’s quite safe as well. The electric cooktop has four heating element on the surface with three different power range. Some models have exceptions. The small surface element uses a power range of 1200 watts. While the medium surface element uses 1500 and 1800 watts and the large ones use 2500 watts.

How to use an Electric Cooktop

electric cooktop knobs and dials displayed

There is no big deal in operating an electric cooktop. You just have to dial to your desired temperature and start cooking. But don’t forget to read through the manufacturer’s manual before operating any kitchen gadget.

Some electric cooktop has a dial with four settings while others have a half circle knob that increases in thickness to show high cooking temperatures. This dial and knob help regulate the temperature of the cooktop.

  • Simmer [50˚- 80˚]: Best used to keep food warm.
  • Low [80˚ – 100˚]: Ideal for retaining moisture when cooking. Mostly used for stir fry and seafood.
  • Medium [100˚ – 150˚]: Medium setting can be used to cook most foods including vegetables and meat.
  • High setting [150˚ – 260˚]: This is the best option for red meat or ground meat. But there is a tendency the food will get burnt. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on the food.

How to clean your electric cooktop

how to clean an electric cooktop

The electric cooktop is quite easy to clean just follow the steps below;

  • The first step is to ensure your cooktop is completely cool. Then use warm soapy water and sponge to wipe the cooktop.
  • For situations where grease has built up on your cooktop, apply glass cooktop cleaner to all part of the stove and ensure you scrub gently till stains are removed.
  • For difficult grease build up, you can use a scraper and scrape the cooktop gently to avoid scratches on the surface. After scraping for a while, scrub with the cleaner and sponge again you should achieve your desired smoothness now.
  • After scrubbing, remove the cleanser from the cooktop using a soft cloth. Gently clean the surface in a circular motion with the soft cloth or paper towel till you achieve a dry and shining cooktop.

Maintenance tips

  1. Firstly, always switch off your cooktop when not in use.
  2. Ensure you don’t leave towels, papers or cloth near the stove and make sure your curtain is not close to the cooktop as well.
  3. Do not lean or rest over heated elements
  4. The electric cooktop heats up at extremely high temperature, therefore, exercise caution when using it.
  5. Choose the right shape of pots and pans mostly those with a flat surface to ensure good heat distribution and safe cooking.
  6. Always keep your electric cooktop clean. While cleaning, make sure you don’t use ammonia-based and abrasive cleaners.
  7. Lastly, keep the electric cooktop away from kids.

You can your suggestions below. Why do you prefer your electric cooktop?

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