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Edible Spoon Overview

In our quest to create a Green kitchen, we have to reduce the use of plastic cutleries and embrace eco-friendly utensils like edible spoons. This post is an excerpt from our free E-book on creating a Green kitchen. From the E-book we discussed extensively on managing the carbon footprint from our kitchen.

But in this post we will concentrate on the other environmental problem we have, wish is environmental pollution from non-biodegradables.

When plastic spoons were first introduced, no one knew they would later cause a serious problem for the environment. The dominance of plastic cutlery is so enormous.

According to Statistics, U.S. alone uses over 40 billion plastic utensils every year. After using these plastics they are either disposed or down-cycled. The disposed of plastic cutleries are either thrown into the sea or landfills. This practice pollutes the environment because they are not biodegradable.

Statistics predict that the ocean will contain more plastic than fish by 2050 if we continue to dispose plastic at this rate. Plastic spoons are a big contributor to the world environmental problem, but thanks to Bakey’s for producing edible spoons.

What are Edible spoons?

edible spoons

Edible spoons are vegan-friendly spoons made from sorghum (flours of Jowar), rice and wheat. These spoons are made from plant product at high temperatures without the addition of preservatives, chemicals or artificial colors. The primary ingredient used is sorghum and these were chosen because of the tough quality. That is, it does not soak easily in liquids.

The spoon taste like dry crackers and they come in three flavors. Plain, sweet and savory. The good thing about the taste of the spoon is; it does not get in the way of the taste of your meal. It complements every food well and can last 20 minutes in hot liquid.

In fact, when used to eat any meal, the taste of the food gets into the spoon. And this makes you still taste your food while consuming the edible spoon.

Additionally, consuming the edible spoon is by choice, if you don’t feel like eating it, you can dispose it. If the spoons are disposed of, they decompose within four to five days and this makes it environmentally friendly.

In comparison to their plastic counterpart that needs to be subjected to high heat before they can decompose. Edible spoons are a better option. This spoons are packaged in paper bags and are transported using Styrofoam to prevent the spoon from breaking.

Advantages of Edible spoons vs plastic spoons

Effects on environment

Edible spoons decompose at a lesser time. They decompose within four to five days after use and they act as a good fertilizer. In contrast, plastic spoons are resistant to decomposition and they cause pollution when burnt.


Edible spoons are healthy for the body after consumption as they contain a traceable amount of fiber, protein, and calcium. This spoon is needed in our everyday diet.

But plastic spoons are not good for the health, consumption of plastic can cause cancer. As well as hormonal disruption and damage to nervous tissues.


Edible spoons don’t dominate the taste of the food being consumed and they don’t diffuse into the food. Compared to plastic that diffuses into the food when at high temperature and this makes plastic spoons carcinogenic.


Edible spoons have the advantage of being eaten after use. They can also be disposed of without causing harm to the body or the environment. But their plastic counterpart cannot be eaten and should not be dropped around as these are harmful to the environment. They can only be dropped in recycle bins for another recycling process.

Lastly, edible spoons are convenient to use as they are light and can be moved around easily. They are also affordable.

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