Easy steps to use a cake batter dispenser

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Cake batter dispenser-the right tool for your kitchen baking. In today’s world, our love for perfection has made us highly tech-savvy. The art of baking is one such newly emerging passion with more and more people switching to baking cakes at home rather than buying it from confectioneries.

While many people are switching to various online sites for cake recipes we bring to you new products to make your experience all the more pleasurable and convenient, at the same time seeking more precision in your everyday activity.

There is no end to newly introduced gadgets in the kitchen nowadays. One such gadget used to make your cake-making more convenient is a cake batter dispenser. A must-have product for a mess-free cooking experience.

Think of the wasted batter which sticks to your vessel or spills out, every time you pour the batter in each of your molds. You lose one cupcake every time you use your vessel and spatula to pour your batter into the mold.

For sure! Instead, use the cake batter dispenser and utilize every bit of your hard work to satisfy your tantalizing taste buds.

What is a Cake Batter Dispenser?

cake batter dispenser dispensing

A cake batter dispenser is a jug shaped instrument. It has a pulley handle attached to the side and a bottom valve to push the batter out. The pulley handle can be used as a trigger which, when pressed opens the bottom valve releasing your cake batter effortlessly.

The dispenser is usually available with a 4-cup quantity. It has a measuring scale printed on the jug which helps you to measure and neatly deposit equal quantities of the batter in your mold, making each cupcake look exactly the same.

The trigger pulley attached to the jug is very user-friendly. It can also be used by your kids for a fun loving yet hygienic baking experience. Hence, saving you the headache of cleaning up later.

With a broad leak-free valve, you can make cakes with walnuts, caramel etc. It can be used for making both batter thick and thin for crepes, brownies, pancakes, waffles, frosting and much more.

Some cake batter dispenser comes with a mixing system attached to the lid of the product. This helps to blend the batter in the dispenser itself, making it a hassle free, one vessel experience.

How to use the Cake Batter Dispenser?

cake batter dispenser: easy step for use

Pour your desired batter in the cake batter dispenser and close the lid. Now hold your instrument above your mold and press the trigger. The smooth batter will flow into the mold.

Leave the trigger when the desired quantity of batter has been poured into the mold and you are done. Yes! It is that simple.

Yes! It is that simple.

Maintaining the Cake Batter Dispenser

The cake batter dispenser is available in both materials plastic as well as stainless steel. As it is a manual instrument, it can easily be washed under the tap as well as a dishwasher.

If you have a mixing system attachment with the dispenser, you can easily detach the whisker and wash it separately.

In conclusion, looking at its easy to use technique and handy convenience. The cake batter dispenser is definitely a handy product worth occupying that precious space on your kitchen shelf.

So, go ahead and make your loved ones different flavors of your favorite dessert with ease.

It’s your turn! Tell us other gadgets and tools you use to bake.

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