New Barbecue Gadget Hit the Market (Easy Kabob)

Barbecue Gadget

Easy Kabob is the newest kitchen and barbecue gadget on the market. This gadget turns ground meat like lamb, chicken, turkey or beef into a perfect proportional sized kabob or hot dog on a stick.  Easy Kabob enables you to stuff any type of spices and toppings such as onions, peppers, and cheese inside your kabob or hot dog. The recipes and possibilities are endless.

The one and only meat press ever designed to make the perfect Kabob in seconds. From start to finish, it’s fun to use and there’s no other barbecue gadget like Easy Kabob which inspires cooks to come up with brand new creative recipes every-time they step into the kitchen.

This beautiful barbeque gadget launched January 2018 and is currently on Amazon’s top 10 kitchen and BBQ gadgets.


Furthermore, this bbq gadget sparked lots of interest in the Ketogenic community. People who are on a keto diet refer to the Easy Kabob as a “bun-less burger on a stick” tool, because of the little to no carbs in each serving. Other communities that can potentially benefit from this tool are the High Protein diet and Atkins diet communities.

Easy Kabob Recipes

For centuries, Chefs have struggled with forming ground meat kabobs on skewers/sticks.  Easy Kabob eliminates that problem by making it all so easy! With Easy Kabob, you can produce hot dogs, corn dogs, breakfast sausages, and, Kabobs.

Whether you’re using a six-inch bamboo skewer or a 12-inch steel skewer, Easy Kabob allows you to use any size or kind of skewers! In addition, there is a storage feature in the Easy Kabob tool. You can store up to 100 six inch skewers.


barbeque gadget-easy kabob

Easy Kabob – Perfect Kabob and Hot Dog Maker Gadget – with Skewer Container – Meat Burger Press – Make healthy kabobs (1, Red)

Easy Kabob is perfect for any griller, barbecue pit master and of course, bodybuilders. Mostly those who are striving to build muscle which is fueled by a high protein and low-fat diet.

However, the typical high protein diet/ low-fat diet of the many fitness-obsessed happens to be very boring, bland and sometimes repulsive. The problem here is that a diet lacking in variety can often make one feel restricted. Easy Kabob helps make that diet sustainable by offering many high protein/ low-fat dishes. Whether it is jalapenos mixed with ground beef, cheese mixed with lamb, or diced tomatoes in chicken, Easy Kabob makes it possible.

In addition, Easy Kabob is made of BPA free food grade plastic which is dishwasher safe, making it suitable for kitchen use. The thick plastic makes it durable and suitable for camping and the outdoors.  The exterior of the device is textured to prevent it from slipping from the user’s hand while pressing. The interior is extra smooth to reduce resistance and provide a pleasant experience while pressing.



The EasyKabob comes in two colors, vibrant red and steel black. Two colors that rhyme with kitchen and camping gadgets. This gadget is very interesting and fun to use for adults and children.

Remarks from Lovers Of Easy Kabob

Chef  Alex Comment stated, “ Easy Kabob is a must-have kitchen and grilling tool for any occasion. My husband barbecues weekly and my kids love using it to make hot dogs when we go camping. Overall, it’s fun to use and dishwasher friendly.  ”

A few videos were shared on Instagram of corn dogs being made with Easy Kabob. How does that work? By simply making a regular kabob then placing the kabob in corn dog batter. Then cook it and you got yourself some delicious homemade corn dogs! Another video was shared by a chef using Gimme Vegetarian meat to make vegan kabobs.

Another video shared on Facebook shows a cook creatively using the EasyKabob to put edible cookie dough on a stick and calling it cookie kabob! This showed another venue in which this gadget can be used to make dessert.

For more information on Easy Kabob check here.

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