Toaster oven has upgraded to a big deal of appliances. They are made in diverse forms; they are not just horizontal electrical gadget for toasting bread, they can be used to prepare various meals and bread toasting is just one of them.

This kitchen workhorse can take on everything from roasted nuts to cheesy toast to broiled lamb kebab, not to mention dessert.

This appliance is a ready-made appliance. It is already assembled when you purchase it. When it arrives in the box, remove the appliance, plug it into an electrical source then it’s ready for use.

This guide will enlighten you on how to use the toaster oven and what to use the toaster oven for.

Cuisinart TOB-195 Exact Heat Toaster Broiler oven, Stainless

How to Use a Toaster Oven

Firstly, this appliance can be used for a lot of things. It can be used to bake, toast and prepare fast meals.

Maintenance of the toaster oven is quite important. The toaster oven should be cleaned after every use. You should unplug the appliance from the electrical source, allow it to cool, remove the wire racks, clean or wash the racks from any crumbs or greasy stain.

While cleaning your appliance, you should not use harsh chemicals or wire to clean it as this might damage the device.  You should also keep this appliance away from a wet surface or wet countertop.

When grease is on the surface of your toaster oven it is best you quickly clean it with a sponge and soapy water to abate damage on it. Food prepared in a toaster oven should be monitored constantly to prevent it from burning as food gets prepared fast in a toaster oven.

Speaking of countertops, your toaster oven should be placed on countertops that have space. It should be placed in open areas where it can be used regularly.

The appliance should be stored on a dry surface but in a situation, where you lack space in your kitchen, you can clean up the toaster oven, dry it and keep it in your cupboard or cabinet.

What to Use The Toaster Oven For!

Most households have limited the use of the toaster oven to toasting and baking only. Apart from baking and toasting of food, the toaster can also be used to prepare meals. I will enumerate other uses of the toaster oven in this post.

Baking of Cakes

A conventional use of the toaster oven is baking of cookies, muffins and small cakes. These meals can be baked in batches as the appliance can only accommodate few cookies or cakes. The appliance can also be used to bake French fries, fish sticks, potato skins and other appetizers.

The meals baked in this device do have sweet flavors, crispy edges, unlike other baking appliances. While baking cookies or cakes you should avoid burning it as baking takes place fast.

Cook Main Dishes

A very good use of the toaster oven which is quite unpopular is the preparation of regular dishes. This appliance can be used to cook pasta dishes and vegetables.

They are used to roast chicken breast with added vegetable, lemon pepper and all sort of chicken recipes. Your toaster oven can also be used to prepare fast food like mini pizzas for family dishes.

Heat Plate

This appliance can be used to heat plate before serving. The toaster oven heat can be reduced to as low as 170˚F to accommodate the heating of plates. The plates can be heated at this temperature for 5 minutes before they are used to serve meals.

Toast Nuts

Among things, you can use your toaster oven for is toasting of nuts or marshmallow-topped yam. These nuts should be arranged in a single layer on the pan or aluminum foil for even distribution of heat. The nuts can be toasted at a temperature of 350˚F for 15 minutes while agitating at intervals.

Apart from toasting, this device can be used to melt cheese on burritos and can be used to defrost frozen foods. It only requires putting the appliance at the right temperature to melt.

Re-heat Leftovers

Lastly, another unpopular activity I use my toaster oven for is reheating my left-over meals. The appliance temperature can be reduced to as low as 150˚F so this enables it to be used as a microwave. It is quite a multi-purpose appliance that reduces stress in the kitchen and gets things done fast.

When sourcing for a kitchen toaster I would advise you don’t go for cheap ones. Go for ones with a good power rating that will serve you for long. You can share with us some good toaster ovens you have used and other uses of toaster ovens you know that were not listed in this guide.

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