Talk of any appliance people think is not necessary for the kitchen it’s the electric griddle. Ask a lot of people shopping in a kitchen store about this appliance, they will tell you it’s not important.

Well! not until I got one I never saw the importance as well but since I got mine 7years ago have not regretted it. This appliance has a lot of usefulness, more than you can think of. I would enlighten you on the usefulness of the electric griddle, how to use the appliance and varieties of meals you can use it for in this post.

What is an Electric Griddle?

An electric griddle is a flat cooking appliance that can be placed on a countertop and used to prepare a multitude of delicious meals. This appliance is made from cast iron and sometimes comes with a nonstick coating.

Electric griddles have inbuilt heating element while stovetop griddles are designed to be heated by stoves mostly two burners. This appliance is easy to use, easy to clean and good for cooking a large amount of food. You can use this appliance to cook pancakes, eggs, burgers, hot dog and lot of fast meals. A good feature of this kitchen appliance is its ability to prepare meals without using excess electricity.

Electric griddles are the good choice for fast breakfast cooking. It enables you to prepare eggs, pancake, and bacon while toasting bread in a toaster oven at the same time. The nonstick surface prevents food from sticking on the griddle so you don’t have to add extra grease to your meals.

This appliance is user-friendly; it is not difficult to operate, even an inexperienced cook can find his way around it.  Most electric griddles have heat settings that range from low to high so you can turn the dial and decide how hot a surface you want to cook on. The design of this appliance is also a good catch. It has a lot of design that fits into several kitchen decorations.

How to Use an Electric Griddle

how to use an electric griddle

Presto 07061 22-inch Griddle With Removable Handles

As said earlier that the electric griddle is very easy to use. I would just give you tip on how to find the appliance easier for use.

Firstly, for first-time users of the electric griddle, you want to start with something simple. Pancake is quite simple, you can start with that. Add a little quantity of oil on the griddle; preheat the griddle to about 350degrees. After confirming it’s hot, you can lower the temperature of the griddle before pouring the batter. Flip the pancake when it begins to bubble until it is done.

Additionally, the griddle can be used to prepare different food at the same time. After cooking a batch of pancake on the griddle, you can wipe the surface and prepare scrambled eggs.  A griddle doesn’t have to be used for full-blown dinners or breakfasts.

Lastly, when using the griddle for thicker foods it is best you use foil to wrap the food. When preparing meals like ham, steaks, meats, and pizza on a griddle pan, wrap it with a foil and surround it with vegetables or sliced potatoes. Flip it at intervals to ensure the center gets done.

What to Cook on The Electric Griddle

food cooked on electric griddle

Generally, what most people cook on the electric griddle are breakfast meal like bacon, eggs, steaks and other types of meat. I will be suggesting a few other foods you can prepare with this appliance that will not cost you much.

Crab cakes

This cake is a good meal to be prepared on the griddle as it can be prepared all at once instead of in batches. One of the biggest problems with cooking in batches is that by the time you finish the last batch, the first batch is either cold or a little dried out from the oven.

It’s best to cook them all at the same time on your griddle and have dinner ready in a snap, without running your oven. Crab cakes should be ready on an electric griddle in less than 10 minutes and ready to be served.

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

This is a great meal that can be prepared in a flash. The awesome thing about preparing a cheesesteak on the griddle is that you can do everything in one space and feel like a pro: The meat gets done in one section, the onions and peppers fry up in another and the bread toasts in another section. The trick to a cheesesteak is getting really thin beef.

Scallion Meatballs with Soy-Ginger Glaze

This crispy meat is very delicious and you will want to try it on your griddle. Unlike the problem encountered with cooking many little meatballs for, say, a party is that if you cook them too close together, they’ll stew or steam and not get crispy.

Luckily, cooking them on a larger surface like a griddle means you don’t have to cook in four batches to get perfectly crispy meatballs! And, using a leaner meat like the turkey in this recipe from Smitten Kitchen means you won’t have to worry about the oil runoff you’d get if you were using beef.


This meal, in particular, needs a griddle because most time tandoor or a pizza stone is used to prepare it. And even while using the tandoor you can only cook one naan at a time in a pan. You are going to be standing there flipping naan for ages. Cooking it on the griddle will save time and hassle while still offering that great spotted browning you get with a hot surface.

Electric Griddle Maintenance

Maintaining this appliance is quite easy. I will give you little maintenance tip to using this appliance;

Your griddle should always be used on a dry surface that is heat resistant. It should be used on a countertop, not a bed or soft surface.

Use wooden or plastic utensils on your griddle and not metal. Metal can scratch the nonstick surface and cause the food to start sticking and burning.

The surface of the griddle is for food only. Don’t set pots, pans, plates, and bowls or casserole dishes of any kind on the griddle to try and cook things that way.

After preparing meals, unplug the griddle from the wall. Allow it to cool for a while before removing the heat control from the appliance. Clean the drip tray in soapy and warm water with a nylon or plastic scrub. Do not use a wire scrub or abrasive cleaner on the griddle as this can scratch and damage the nonstick surface.

Always take note of the power cord or heat control while cleaning the entire electric griddle.

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Look below in the comment box and share with us what you use your electric griddle for!

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