A Green Kitchen is the home answer to the world environmental problem. It is a well-known fact that the home impact on the environment is a major problem and your kitchen is a significant contributor.

The process we use to prepare our foods and the equipment used is the main contributor. It is now in our best interest to save the planet by reducing emissions from our kitchen and go green.

There are several ways of working towards an environmentally friendly kitchen or having a green kitchen. Ranging from energy-efficient food preparation and cleaning habits, using equipment made from sustainable materials, and dodging toxic chemicals.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend big bucks to achieve an eco-friendly kitchen. A green kitchen saves money on energy cost and you would have saved the planet a lot of damage. This article will enlighten you on the best ways to have a green kitchen.

How to Have a Green Kitchen

Clean Your Dishes

wash your plate the green way

Cleaning your dishes is a way of going green in the kitchen. If asked, I prefer hand washing to a dishwasher. Many dishwashers have petrochemical-based dishwashing liquid and detergent which are toxic and dangerous to the health.

Although, it’s estimated that washing a load of dishes in a dishwasher uses 37% LESS water than washing dishes by hand. But I would recommend hand washing except you have an alternative to the dishwashing liquid.

There are now quite a number of natural cleaning companies producing non-toxic, biodegradable detergents, so you can get one. You can also go for dishwashers that save energy and water for a better environment.

Save Energy While Cooking

Pre-heating is not really important when using the oven nowadays. You don’t need to preheat when boiling, roasting or baking a meal for a long time. Most of the new ovens come to temperature so rapidly, therefore preheating is obsolete.

Also, you don’t have to put on your full-size oven for cooking small dishes. You can just use a toaster oven, microwave oven or a slow cooker to save energy. It is estimated by energy star that microwave reduces cooking energy by 80percent compared to the full-sized oven. When using a stove as well, it is more efficient to use a properly sized pot on a stove. For example, you can’t use an 8inches pot on a 12 inches burner. If you do you would waste more than 40percent of the burner’s heat. While cooking you should also use lids for your pots and pans. Cooking without lid use up three times more energy and increases your cooking time.

Furthermore, there are appliances that reduce cooking time and there are meals that can finish cooking by themselves. Pressure cookers are good energy efficient cooking appliances and they reduce your cooking time to about 70percent.

Meals like the casserole with cheese topping can be cooked finish themselves. Instead of pulling it out of the oven, sprinkling with cheese and then baking for 10 more minutes. Just turn off the oven, sprinkle the cheese over the top, and place it back in the still-warm oven for 10 minutes.

Reduce Packages on Your Kitchen Products

reduce packages to make your kitchen green

The more you shop the more packages you acquire. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop but it means to reduce the package bags you acquire. The less packaged bags, the less garbage you create. It is obvious that your kitchen generates most waste in your home and there are ways to reduce it.

Firstly, when going to a store you can take your bag along to reduce excessive packaging. You can also avoid buying an over-sized portion of your kitchen materials to reduce wastage.

Lastly, you want to reduce cans product or get a recycle can. You don’t want to litter your kitchen with unnecessary cans so should get a recycle bin for recyclable products.

Eliminate Waste and Recycle

recycle bins are used for a green kitchen

In order to achieve your quest for a green kitchen in 2017, you have to watch out for waste. Most times our meals go to waste. We either prepare more than we can eat or prepare what we don’t feel like eating. Wastage in the kitchen is not about food only. The wasted fertilizer, pesticide and refrigeration and a lot of associated waste. You can cut all this wastage down to save the planet and also save your money.

Recycling is a part of the green way. Find out how to recycle in your community; what to recycle, how to sort it out and where to recycle. For convenience, most countries have a provision for picking your recycles like they pick your garbage. All you have to do is pick a convenient spot where can fix a recycle can probably close to your garbage can and drop your recyclable materials.

Keeping a green kitchen is a must for our environment. That is the starting point to achieving an eco-friendly planet and reducing global warming.

It’s your turn to tell us how you are keeping your kitchen green.

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