5 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Kitchen Designs

how to improve your kitchen designs


Improving your kitchen designs does not require a huge sum of money or a headache. It just requires a little determination from you. All you have to do is say the word!

Your kitchen is arguably the most visited part of the home. It is also a center of activity; planning, cooking, serving, eating, storing- the list is endless. As a result of these features, your kitchen should combine characteristics such as functionality, form, and adaptability.

I will be showing you in this post innovative approaches to improving your kitchen designs. But before you adopt the innovative kitchen designs, you should consider the following tips:

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Number 1

Will you mount items on walls, below cabinets, or on hooks under cabinets? Or do you prefer placing them on your counter tops? All these positions are perfect for placing your items.

But you should note that mounting racks in cabinets can make stacking dishes easier. Also, note that stacks and nests are suitable for placing mixing bowls, measuring cups as well as food storage containers.

Number 2

Remember the wise saying- ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’. It’s best you apply this holy book principle in your kitchen. Endeavour to keep counters and the general cook area, clean and tidy.

Un-kept dishes and unwanted clutter will not only make your kitchen look untidy, you will observe also that your kitchen looks smaller. In other words, wash and dry your dishes as soon as possible.

Number 3

Make judicious use of all available space. A good way to do that is using your appliances for storage.

Yes! Your dishwasher is a good storage for plates and cutleries. Your fridge and freezer, if not full, can be used to store nuts, coffee, grains, etc.

Number 4

Give due consideration to the color scheme in your kitchen. Shiny surfaces tend to reflect the effects of light; this, in turn, makes your kitchen table look larger. It is advisable to use one color, as a single color scheme creates the perception of a roomier kitchen.

Number 5

This point will appeal to conservationists. When it comes to food, buy food items that you will be using in a short time, so as to maximize space. This may, however, prove difficult for individuals who prefer cutting costs and buying in bulk. But the less stuffy your kitchen looks the better!

Innovative Approaches to improve your Kitchen designs

improved kitchen designs

Consider seamless Refrigeration

You should consider installing integrated refrigeration. Not only is this choice unnoticeable, you will save up on space for other items.

Luckily, new markets exist for your taste, preference as well as the size and layout of your kitchen. In return, you get new and classy handles, minimal traces on refrigerator facades and controls that blend effortlessly with your broader cabinetry.

It is all in the minute details

You can add life and zest to your kitchen by incorporating innovative designs in small details. Such as doorknobs, cabinet holders, countertops, tile backsplashes among others. Your options include adding or removing from their colors, using enjoyable materials for control knobs as well as ridding your kitchen of some of these features.

Use lighting to great effect

Kitchen lighting plays the dual role of beautification as well as functionality. You can go for traditional lighting options such as an ornate chandelier hanging down from the central portion of your kitchen.

Or you could opt for new generation wolf ovens and smart, sub-zero refrigerators which contribute handsomely in your lighting preferences. You may also go for a combination of these styles for better visibility when preparing your food and for creating a gorgeous ambiance at meal times.

Incorporate your kitchen into your family style

Who says your kitchen should only serve as a point of preparing and cooking meals? With advances in technology and conceptual design, you can afford to outfit your kitchen to do more.

Of course! Your kitchen can reflect the values your family holds most dear. Are you busy professionals that need quick meals on the go? Or do your loved ones prefer to lend a helping hand during meal preparations, as well as eating in-situ? You can choose from design concepts that will blur the lines between a functional kitchen and your way of living.

Go for a coffee system

Lastly, If you desire a hot cup of coffee, cappuccino, espresso or green tea to start your day. Why not tap into innovative ideas with coffee dispensing appliances like a coffee maker. These integrated and smart systems are self-cleaning and can prepare your favorite brew with pre-programmed instructions. Also, these devices add to the aesthetic appeal of your general kitchen design.


You can join the discussion! Tell us approaches you use to improve your kitchen designs.

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