5 Expert Reasons You Need a Meat Grinder

An electric meat grinder


Meat grinder feature in many families and industrial kitchens. And it is for a good reason. Meat grinders offer you the opportunity to derive more value from your meat or beef.

Simply put, a meat grinder is an electrical or manually-operated kitchen gadget that aids in the cutting of meat into any desirable form. This saves you the hassle of having to mincemeat manually, foreclosing the occurrence of cuts and other injuries.

Therefore, if you are looking for a quality kitchen equipment to prepare restaurant-grade meat dishes, look no further than a meat grinder.

A meat grinder is a great tool for creating a broad range of appetizing and dynamic meals from scratch.

How to use a Meat Grinder

how to use a meat grinder

You must adhere to usage instructions when operating a meat grinder, to achieve best results with your meat and for your own safety. The following headings can guide your use of a meat grinder:

The Type of Meat

You must have a good understanding of the kinds of meat available and suitable for what you have in mind. The most common form of meat used with meat grinder is beef.

There are varieties of beef; they include brisket, ribs, loin, round and chuck. These cuts of beef derived from different parts of an animal such as cattle and others.

Choosing which cut of beef works best with your meat grinder entails considering qualities such as flavor, tenderness, and fat.

You can begin by grinding a portion of tough meat such as brisket with a part of tender beef cut such as boneless ribs.

Choose Between Electric or Manual Meat Grinder

There are electrically powered meat grinders, while others are manually operated. Also, there are brands that come with specific accessories or add-ons, to give you more value and versatility.

More so, there are advantages with using both kinds of meat grinders. For the former, you can shred a greater amount of meat in a very short time, with speed and versatility. With manual meat grinders, i can assure you, power supply won’t be a problem.

However, you may not achieve the consistency you desire with the manual grinder and fatigue may set in for large quantities of meat.

Usage Instructions

The average meat grinder is produced with your safety in mind. However, you must strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s operating instructions. There are places where your fingers should not be inserted. There are also guidelines for maintenance and cleaning.

Grind Correctly

As stated earlier in this article, meat grinders are designed for ease and safety of use. However, you should take note of the following tips.

Grinding tends to heat up your chunk of meat, which might, in turn, clog your meat grinder. One way to beat this problem is to partially freeze your meat and pre-slice it into workable chunks. Your next step is ensuring the meat grinder is assembled properly, before use.

5 Reasons you need a Meat Grinder

Now that you have these usage tips in mind, the following are the expert reasons you need a meat grinder in your kitchen inventory:

To enhance your creativity

A meat grinder offers you choices and options. With well-shredded meat, you can cook up a variety of appetizing meals right in the comfort of your kitchen.

Meals like hamburgers and sausages can bear your culinary infusions and you can derive satisfaction from the process itself. Meat grinder also allows you to blend different varieties of meat cuts, as well as fish and pork.

Healthy meals are a grind away

With meat grinders, you are in control of what goes in and comes out; in terms of the quality and wholesomeness of the meat.

This is in sharp contrast to store-purchased ground meat, which is usually loaded with preservatives, fillers and other active ingredients. You will also notice an improvement in moisture levels, flavor, and taste in your dishes.

You can achieve versatility

A meat grinder is not limited to the shredding of beef. You can use it on a host of other food items. These food items include fruits, vegetable, and nuts.

Therefore these enable you to prepare dishes such as ground nuts for toppings and pureed fruit. Additionally, you can prepare smooth and creamy sauces, dips, potato or root vegetable hash.

Cut down on Cost and Time

You save time, energy and money by grinding your own meat, as opposed to taking it out for processing.


The goal of any meal preparation session is to serve up great tasting food, on demand. And this is what a meat grinder offers you. It gives you the flexibility to make fresh, delicious meat based dishes from the comfort of your kitchen.


At this juncture, it is important to have an efficient maintenance routine to get the best out of your meat grinder. This routine should cover the following areas:

Cleaning the grinder

Experts advocate that you grind a piece of bread through the grinder after use. This process facilitates removing all the bits of leftover fat, gristle and tendons stuck in the blender.

Afterwards, check with the cleaning instructions for your brand of the grinder; while some are dishwasher-safe, others need manual cleaning. Standard cleaning procedures include hand-washing in soapy water and sanitizing in a diluted bleach solution.

Sharpening the blades

You may need to get your blades sharpened if you observe that they have become dull. Depending on how often you use your meat grinder, sharpening the blades once or twice a year suffices.


Depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, you can disassemble your meat grinder and store the parts individually.

However, it is important the grinder is kept in conditions that keep out dust and humidity.

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